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China Bamboo Museum
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China Bamboo Museum located in Suichang which covers an area of 15525 square meters, the total construction area is 9641 square meters. Chinese Bamboo Museum brainstorming,follow the scientific, intellectual, artistic, interesting principles,with a rich collection, supplemented by a combination of high-tech and modern art of display methods, to make your entertain the environment and to understand the history of charcoal culture ,then to get inspiration and enjoy the art of science. This culture platform give bamboo industry a better promising.

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Hotel: 0578-8185218

Restaurant: 0578-8185518

Adress: Suichang Bamboo Museum

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Unified in Province:96118
Bureau Office:0578-8180455
Consuming Complaining:96315
Price Supervising:12358
Public Health Supervising:96301
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